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6 Course Menu (Veg & Halal option available)

Jimbu focaccia, gundruk butter
Himalaya chives, fermented leafy green vegetable butter

Aloo nimki
Spiced potato curry, crispy crackers

Kukhura ko jhol momo
Chicken dumplings, lapsi & tomato sauce

Stone bass sekuwa,
heritage tomato achar, chatpate

Gorkhali pork secretto,
turnip thepe achar, sisnu, sticky amala jus

Khuwa creme caramel,
sorrel, whey caramel

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Veg and halal menu available.

What’s included?
Jimbu focaccia, gundruk butter Himalaya chives, fermented leafy vegetable butter

Alu nimki, spiced potato curry, crackers
Incredibly popular street food from Eastern Nepal

Bara, spiced beetroot & fenugreek
A traditional popular Newari food symbolising good luck during occasions.

Chicken momo, lapsi & tomato sauce
Absolutely well loved, momo is considered the unofficial national food of Nepal

Gorkhali pork secreto, sisnu, amala
Nettles pesto, turnip achar, gooseberry jus

Juju Dhau, English berries, sorbet
literally translates to “King of Yogurt”

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